Dinosaur Launcher Toy

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A very good toy. It has two ways to play: Frisbee and top. It is very interesting. The creative dinosaur shape makes it even more popular among children.

Fun toys make great gift choices

About this product

🔫【2-in-1 Luminous Gyro Frisbee】The latest gyro toy is here! This spin gun toy adopts a creative design that combines a top and a flying disc. It can not only drive the glowing gyroscope on the ground, but also launch the flying saucer spinning in the air. Once it starts spinning, imagine a series of light shows like a dazzling glowing ball spinning around your child. A great choice to stimulate children's reflexes, hand-eye coordination and collaboration skills
✨【Cute and Friendly Design for Little Hands】Comes with 1 pack of cute dinosaur launchers and 6 pieces of flying accessories (including 1 light-up gyroscope toy, 1 light-up flying saucer, 4 regular flying saucer toys). Cleverly designed in a cute little dinosaur style, the smooth edge design is more suitable for toddlers' little hands to grasp, requiring only minimal pressure to pull the trigger and fly away. Very easy and fun to play
🥏【Easily start anywhere with one click】No batteries required. The launcher power is reusable and driven by a mechanical spring inside the toy. When the gyroscope or flying saucer is installed, you can rotate it 3-5 times and then just press the trigger to launch it anywhere. The variety of playability, day or night, makes this toy perfect for play in the backyard, living room, nursery, office, anywhere. It's very lightweight and safe, so you don't have to worry about damaging anything.
🧡【Durable and High-Quality Material】This rotating light-up toy is made of safe and durable ABS material, lightweight and non-toxic, ensuring your child's safety. The smooth surface is easy to clean with wipes. Unlike other electronic light-up toys, it is more durable and reusable because they are mechanically driven, no need to worry about damage when it gets wet while playing outdoors with these kids frisbee launcher toys
🎁【Fantasy Party Favor for Kids Aged 3-8-12】This fantastic toy can be shared with friends for endless fun indoors or outdoors, a good choice for boys and girls aged 3-12+, suitable as a Halloween gift Bag gift fillers, Christmas stocking fillers, Easter basket gifts, kids birthday return gifts, school kids prizes and more. Endless fun and creativity start with a surprise gift, please give it to your loved one


  • 1 × Dinosaur Launcher Toy
  • 1 × LED Light Up Spinning Top
  • 1 × LED Light Up Frisbee
  • 4 × Frisbee


  • Please allow a slight measurement deviation due to manual measurement.
  • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.
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