Car Seat Belt Metal Extension Buckle

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Highly customized car seat belt extension buckle, extended length, no need to worry about seat belt alarm and insufficient length

Using the original car model for mold design, each car logo is a personalized expression

Thickened lock tongue makes driving safer. Stable stainless steel material will not fall off

Main features

  • Electroplating process: Electroplated shell with leather surface, high-end luxury, exclusive car logo highlights higher grade
  • High-quality materials: Zinc alloy material electroplating process, from material selection to screening, humanized design is not only beautiful, but also practical.
  • Brand Specific: Each seat belt extender is developed to fit the model and the seat belt buckle is standard in each location. Therefore, most commercial vehicles can be equipped with seat belt buckles.
  • Expandable Design: additional advanced features, multiple seat belt extenders can be stacked and extended, metal casting makes it safe to use, a very practical functional product, beautiful and practical.
  • Disable Seat Belt Alarms Completely: Seat Belt Extenders will completely silence the sound of the safety alarm that everyone knows everyone hates - that disturbing, never-ending "beep" sound of the seat belt alarm - there you have it Yes you can completely silence the alarm sound.


  • 1 x Car Seat Belt Metal Extension Buckle

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