🔥2pcs🔥Car Cartoon Sunshade Sunscreen Heat Insulation Sunshade

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Car Window Shade:  No Peeking Blue
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Protect kids and family from sun, heat and harmful UV rays. Make the car cooler! Road Trip Essentials

        About this product

  • 🚗【Block 99% Sun Glare and UV】Our car window sun shade is made of 3-layer composite fabric, very thick and soft. Opaque and fully shaded, it effectively blocks 99% of sunlight, heat and UV rays, keeping your child cool and comfortable at all times. 【Only suitable for rear side windows while driving! Please do not use the front window to block the driver's sight. 】
  • 🚗【Mesh Storage Bag Specially Designed for Kids】Bright colors and cute cartoon patterns can attract children's attention and reduce crying, making them feel happy and happy. In addition, this car sunshade is also designed with mesh pockets, which can store small toys, feeding bottles, water bottles, towels, snacks and other small items for children. Make it easier for you to travel with your children.
  • 🚗【5 Strong Suction Cups】Our baby car sun shade is equipped with 5 strong suction cups, which can be firmly attached to the car window glass without slipping. , will not leave any marks on the car window when removing the suction cup. 【Our car sunshades have a drawstring that can be opened and closed like the curtains at home. If you remove the suction cup in the middle and only use the two suction cups on both sides, it can be easily stretched like a curtain. 】
  • 🚗【About curtain size】The size of this car window sunshade is 50cm high and 70cm wide. Please note that it will not fit Mazda's rear windows and other vehicles with very small windows (before you buy, please measure your window size) It will fit standard passenger cars, SUVs, minivans, MPVs and trucks.
  • 🚗【Easy to Install】How to use: 1. Clean the car window glass; 2. Stick it to the inner window with a suction cup. It fits almost any car window. Since this parasol is a soft cloth without any hard components, you can easily fold it and store it in any grid.

    Product size is:
  • Height 50cm, width 70cm

    Package includes:

  • 2* pieces of sunshade
  • 1* storage bag
  • 10* suction cups


  • Please allow a slight measurement deviation due to manual measurement.Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.
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